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Dental emergencies can be serious, so please don’t ignore injuries to the teeth or gums! Remember, treating dental emergencies quickly and effectively is the best way to prevent permanent damage and avoid the need for more expensive procedures.

Why Should I Seek Dental Care Immediately?

In the case of a dental emergency, time is of the essence. If you delay treatment, you will generally experience further damage to your teeth and/or gums. When the problem has worsened, you will have more expensive and extensive treatment needs. Additionally, you will experience pain or discomfort which can drastically impair your day to day functioning. In many cases, receiving treatment within hours or a few days can drastically improve the quality and speed of your recovery.

When Should I Seek Emergency Dental Care?

You have been hurt in an accident and need immediate dental care. (An example is a knocked out or broken tooth).

  • You are experiencing unexpected pain and need treatment faster than is possible through the traditional dental appointment process. (An example is painful tooth that may need a root canal, or a possibly infected abscess).

  • Some aspect of your current dental treatment plan has gone awry (for example, you have lost a crown).

If you have any doubts or concerns about your situation and need to clarify whether yours is an emergency dental situation, do not hesitate to contact Dental Emergency Clinics for more information. We will be able to let you know if your particular dental situation requires emergency dental care.


Kitchener & Waterloo Emergency Dental Centres specialize in providing excellent emergency and non-emergency dental care and exceptional dentists in the Kitchener and Waterloo areas. With a strong team of expert dentists in Kitchener, we are well equipped to provide effective treatments when dental emergencies or non-emergencies arise

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