Mouthwash 101: Do You Need To Rinse or Not?

The average mouthwash has been around for decades. In fact, if you’re going to look back, you will realize that people loved to use various items as mouthwash substitutes. These can be herbs, nutritious paste, animal extracts, and the occasional [...]

9 Ways to Have A Sparkly Smile in 2020

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5 Ways to Ruin Your Teeth This Christmas

Christmas is a great time to be merry and eat almost anything delightful. You can find parties everywhere and there’s no shortage of happy people. But amidst this flood of wonderful holiday treats, a situation is imminent: the state of [...]

Antibiotic Awareness Week – Overview

In the present day, people believe that antibiotics can help cure everything such as common colds or even upper respiratory tract infections. Most people take antibiotics even without proper dosage or prescriptions. Because of this wrong practice, a worldwide health [...]

Key Oral Health Concerns for Seniors

As we grow older, our bodies become susceptible to deficiencies that did not afflict us in our youth. This is a fact of life and is the price that comes with the privilege of old age. When it comes to oral health ...

How Gum Disease May Hurt More Than Your Mouth

Seventy per cent of Canadians will get gum disease at some stage of their lives, according to the Canadian Dental Association. The problem is more prevalent than tooth decay and other dental issues, and can progress without obvious symptoms until [...]