Having a sparkly, positive-radiating smile can make a significant impact to your life. This 2020, you can aim for a sparkly white teeth but you need to follow the best piece of advice.

Here are some of the best ways to ensure your sparkly smile for 2020:

Brush Effectively & Efficiently

Brushing may be a common activity but many people aren’t aware of doing it right. It’s true that you should brush thrice a day but the manner of brushing is another vital thing. After every meal, do not brush right away. Rinse with water first, and then wait for approximately 15 minutes. Water will remove or soften the acids, while the fluoride from brushing will do the rest of the trick. If you brush immediately, the toothpaste will react with food acid and affect your teeth’s vitality.

Floss Every Day

If you have the time to brush, then you have the time to floss. By flossing continuously, you can improve the bacterial balance of your teeth. Additionally, you can get to areas in your mouth that can’t be reached by the average toothbrush. Commercial flosses have various flavours that will keep you interested. If you don’t like string flosses, you can try water flossers instead.

Don’t Party Too Hard

Parties are great for your social life and happiness. For your teeth? Not too much, though! If you party too hard, your teeth will be exposed to a flurry of acids and plaque buildup. Therefore, it’s important to limit your weekly parties as much as possible.

Let Go Of Most Sweets

Your teeth hate most kinds of sweets. If you’re a candy lover, you need to turn it down a notch and focus on healthy snacks instead. Sweets will melt your teeth’s enamel – they’re not good for you!

Limit Your Meat Intake

Meat is a must-have in any party but you shouldn’t eat it often. Aside from hypertensive and gastrointestinal issues, meat can increase the pressure in your teeth because of bacteria and plaque. In a party, try to select the best meats within controlled portions. And don’t forget to rinse with water afterwards.

Aim for A Wide Spectrum Diet

The wide spectrum diet is the best solution to improve your overall health. To start this diet, you must procure different colors of foods such as red, green, purple, yellow, and white. A wide spectrum diet is a holistic approach that has the potential to increase your lifespan. On top of that, this diet will balance out the acids in every meal – a big bonus for your teeth!

Say Goodbye to Sodas

Sodas aren’t good for you – no matter what other people say. If you’re fond of drinking sodas and other sugary drinks, 2020 is the best year to stop. Sodas will melt your enamel over time, and they’re also deadly. You can start by cutting your drinks to one glass at a time until you can finally let go.

Try Natural Dental Rinses

Natural dental rinses have become popular over the years. In fact, many people prefer natural dental rinses over the traditional mouthwash. If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth this 2020, then you should turn your attention to natural dental rinses. These are made from natural ingredients that will be safe for your teeth. Some common natural ingredients are baking soda, healthy oils, fragrances, and rare herbs.

Get A Veneer Procedure (If Budget Allows It)

Porcelain veneers are expensive solutions that will guarantee sparkly white teeth. In a veneer procedure, the dentist will create a custom veneer and cement it over a crooked or stained tooth. You can get as many veneers as you want, but you need to prepare for the expenses ahead. One veneer can cost a lot but you’d be paying for long-term quality because a veneer can last more than a decade.

Conclusion – Achieving Sparkly Smile With Your Dentist

There’s no instant solution that can turn your smile as sparkly as it can be. Rather, you have to develop the right oral care habits slowly but surely. And of course, you must listen to the advice of your dentist.

Are you planning to get a dental treatment procedure anytime this year? If so, then please contact our dental clinic – we will help you!