One of the common questions dentists get asked when it comes to dental solutions include “Should I get a dental bridge or implant?”, ” What is the difference between a dental bridge and a dental implant?”

This post will answer all those questions.

Tooth loss can be very debilitating and have an impact on your self-confidence. It makes it difficult to smile in public and generally lowers self-esteem. Dental corrections are available to make you feel better. Fairway Dental Clinic has experts to restore the confidence in your smile!

Dental Implants and Dental Bridges can both be used in the replacement of a missing tooth.

Both methods have their unique pros and cons that can be considered in making a decision.

A dental bridge involves the attachment of a crown to fill the space of the missing tooth using one or more neighbouring teeth as support. It doesn’t involve the replacement of tooth roots like that of implants. They can be made attractive and unnoticeable in most cases. 

Dental Implants are surgical attachments that are placed into the jawbone and allowed to blend with the bone over a few months. It acts as a substitute for the root of a missing tooth. They can be used to replace a single, multiple or all of the teeth.

Although dental implants have grown more popular over the years, bridges can be a good choice in some cases.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge Over a Dental Implant

Spaces between primary (baby) teeth are normal and typically not a cause of any concern. The larger spaces are actually helpful in creating room for the larger adult teeth. In most cases, the spaces will disappear once adult teeth erupt.  It is important that your child sees a dentist on a regular basis so that they can monitor the development of their teeth and jaw and their bite.


Dental bridges are more cost-effective and generally less expensive when compared to dental implants. Dental implants can be very costly especially when multiple tooth replacements are involved. Insurance also usually covers dental bridges but doesn’t cover implants


The process is quicker than dental implants and it is a less invasive process that can be completed within two dentist visits while dental implants can take about 3 to 6 months to complete the whole process.


They do not require bone grafting as dental implants do which means the healing is quicker. Dental implants require oral surgery and the healing process is lengthy.

When are Dental Bridges Better For You?

You’re Diabetic

If you’re diabetic, implants may be a bad idea for you because of the slow rate of wound healing and the possibility of infection. In this case, dental bridges might be the best option for you as they do not require surgeries.

You Suffer From Periodontal Disease

Using gum implants when you suffer from gum diseases is dangerous as it could lead to Peri-implantitis. The best option in that vase would be a dental bridge as they are not involved with gum tissue and are less likely to get infected

You Smoke

If you smoke regularly, bridges may be a better option for you as statistics say that 20% of implants in smokers fail. This is due to blood shortage to the gums hindering wound healing after dental implant surgery.

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