Dental bridges are durable functional solutions that look like natural teeth. Whether you need a temporary or permanent solution, you can never go wrong with dental bridges. Common dental bridges are made of porcelain, thus mimicking actual teeth. Others are made of precious metals with varying levels of durability. In the same sense, dental implants are equally useful.

Getting a dental bridge procedure is advisable, especially if your teeth problems have become too much to handle. You should also consider the value of dental implants.

Check out the important factors related to dental bridges and dental implants:

The Nature of Dental Bridges

Basically, a dental bridge consists of a series of artificial crowns fused together properly. They are like fence pickets arranged in a way that can raise a property’s value. The artificial bridge crowns are made of precious metal and reinforced by porcelain. But if you like it, you can pick an all-porcelain dental bridgework. Many people like porcelain dental bridges not because they’re fancy but due to the fact that they are more durable and more natural-looking. The popularity of porcelain dental bridges has increased over the years.

The most important part of any dental bridgework – porcelain or non-porcelain – is the pontics section. Pontics replace the damaged area of teeth, and they’re also meant to occupy empty spaces. In a fixed dental bridgework, the dental crowns on both ends of the bridge are attached to the teeth. These carefully maintained teeth are known as abutment teeth, and they also function as support for dental bridge attachment. Dentists ensure that abutment teeth are properly maintained. You will also be instructed to improve your dental habits to enhance the integrity of abutment teeth.

In every dental bridgework procedure, the abutment teeth are reshaped to fit the dental crowns. Afterward, the dentist can now move to the dental cementing process.

Implants & Bridges – The Truth

While fixed dental bridges are totally reliable, they have obvious disadvantages. Bear in mind that the preparation of abutment teeth requires concise removal of enamel. The dentist won’t just remove enamel within seconds and without a plan. Dentists understand that teeth abutment process can affect healthy teeth – the main reason that puts off many patients far and wide. In most cases, the bonded interface between the attached dental crown and an abutment tooth is usually prone to decay and must be carefully maintained through proper oral hygiene. If you have poor oral hygiene, now is the right time to improve.

This is where dental implants grab the spotlight. Dental implants are technically stronger and best for permanent functional dental solutions. Dental implants tend to cost more because of their permanency.

But you shouldn’t just randomly pick dental implants over dental bridges. There are different situations where dental implants aren’t recommended by any dentist. If there’s a poor bone structure, for example, the dentist won’t do the implant procedure. Dental implants can also cause in-depth damage to mouth structure and sensitive tissues. Cavities are also affected by dental implant surgeries. Patients with medical conditions or compromised immune systems aren’t allowed to get dental implants because of possible complications and risk factors.

Why Dental Bridges Are Useful?

Many people forego dental bridge procedures because of numerous factors. Chief among these factors is fear. They believe that dental bridges can cause long-term teeth damage and pain. But this is a major misconception! Dental bridges are useful because of their reliability and durability. Modern bridges are made from strong materials and dentists are skilled in accomplishing the procedures.

Dental bridge procedures are valuable because of the positive change that they can bring. A successful dental bridge procedure can restore your smile and confidence. And you can even get dental bridges adjusted to your needs or specifications. Just communicate openly with your dentist. Cost adjustment is also easy with any dental bridge procedure.


Dental bridges are functional restorative solutions that are worth your time and money. Yet, even though dental bridges are widely accepted solutions, you shouldn’t just set dental implants aside. Rather, take a deep look at your priorities so that you’d know if bridges or implants are more essential for your needs.

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