Stanley Park Emergency
Dental Services

Our Dental Emergency Clinics specialize in providing excellent emergency care to Stanley Park area. Many dental problems need to be addressed immediately to prevent the condition from worsening, which is why an emergency dental clinic can be a welcome addition to your regular dental care service. Our mission is to serve you as quickly as possible, to avoid any pain or increase in damage. We are not a replacement for your family dentist, but an emergency dental care service.

Service Areas

Alpine ,Bridgeport, Kiwanis Park, Brigadoon/Huron Park, Centreville/Chicopee, Country Hills, Country Hills Wes t,East Ward-Auditorium, East Ward-Central/Frederick, East Ward-Civic Centre, Eastwood,Fairfield/North Ward, Forest Heights, Forest Hill, Heritage Park, Idlewood/Lackner Woods, Kingsdale, Lakeside, Laurentian Hills ,Laurentian West, Pioneer Park, Rockway, Rosemount,Southdale, South Ward-Cedar Hill, South Ward-Mill/Courtland, Stanley Park,T russler, Victoria Hills,Westmount, West Ward-Cherry Hill, West Ward-Victoria Park

Service Areas

Stanley Park dental services

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Fairway Dental Clinic specializes in providing excellent emergency and non-emergency dental care in the Kitchener area. With a strong team of expert dentists, we are well equipped to provide effective treatment as needed.

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