One of the most common dental problems of children is tooth decay, mostly because of the high consumption of sugar such as candies and sodas. If your kids suffer from teeth decay, you need to create and implement a proper dental care regimen at home.

To introduce your kids to teeth care, you can analyze these important facts:

Too Much Fluoride is Bad

Fluoride is an essential chemical that helps prevent teeth decay and can also strengthen teeth. The most popular source of fluoride is toothpaste, but it can also be found in soil, water, and a plethora of chemical-based products. You can definitely say that fluoride is everywhere.

While a liberal amount of fluoride is beneficial for your kids, having too much can be disastrous. You should only put small, visible smears of fluoride in your kids’ toothbrushes. Anything above a pea-sized concentration is beyond the acceptable limit.

What will happen if your kids are exposed to a high concentration of fluoride? This can lead to dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis. Once this happens, your kids’ teeth and bones will become brittle. Too much fluoride exposure can also lead to thyroid problems and neurological problems.

You don’t need to track every instance where your kids take fluoride. Just be wary of your home’s fluoride supply.

Teeth Care Essential: Proper Brushing

Children love to do many things every single day. You will find them watching their favourite cartoons or dismantling Lego blocks in a hurry. Because of these activities, your kids will probably forget about brushing their teeth. Or they will try to speed things up and finish the activity within 15 seconds.

Brushing is a teeth care essential because it’s a dental activity than can be 100% controlled. You should teach the right brushing technique to your kids as soon as you can. The proper technique will be embedded in their minds, thus limiting the chances of dental diseases many years down the road.

Therefore, tt’s important to observe the way your kids brush their teeth. Additionally, you must observe how often they’re brushing their teeth. At least twice a day is advisable, but once a day is not. You should also be aware that each brushing session must last up to 3 minutes for effective cleansing. If you have the budget, you can avail of electronic toothbrushes for your kids’ convenience. `

Sugar & Sugar Alternatives

Sugar bombs are candies, drinks, and snacks that are overloaded with artificial sugar or sweeteners. If you ever think that banning sugar from your household is easy, then you’re wrong. Children know how to hide their sweets, and they also know how to consume sugary drinks if adults aren’t looking. While you can’t totally remove candies and sweets from your home, you can set a limit. Try to put your sweets in places that can’t be reached by your kids.

It’s also advisable to find other healthier alternatives to sweets such as crunchy oatmeal biscuits, fresh fruit slices, almond nuts, or boiled corn mixed with carrots and peas. Water is also a generic alternative to sodas and concentrated fruit juices. But if your kids want additional flavour, you could try making lemon water.

Excellent Nutrition, Excellent Defense

Avoiding sweets is possible – it just takes immense discipline and proactive home monitoring. Another difficult yet important factor is ensuring the best nutrition for your kids. Some of the best and most nutritious foods for your kids’ teeth are nuts, fresh yogurt, fresh cheese, fruits (controlled portions), fish, and green leafy vegetables. As much as possible, you should try to limit or eliminate processed foods and fast foods. These won’t do positive things for your kids’ teeth. And worse, processed foods can even compromise your kids’ overall health.

Professional Teeth Care Guidance

Your children need to see a dentist during their early years. Proactive dental guidance will lead to the creation of right teeth care habits. Besides, your kids will have the chance for yearly dental cleanings and essential preventative care.

Important Notes

If you can help your kids in forming proper teeth care, they will grow up with fewer dental problems later on. This will improve the quality of your life and will save your bank account from additional dental expenses. But don’t just rely on pure home dental care! Make the initiative to set appointments with the best dental clinic – just like Fairway Dental Urgent Care Clinic, your reliable Kitchener dentist.

Do you need to have a proper teeth care regimen for your kids? Fairway Dental Urgent Care Clinic is here to help! Contact us today for a teeth care appointment!