Here at Fairway Dental Urgent Care Clinic, toothaches are the most common dental complaint we hear from our patients.  Dental pain can be quite severe, making it unbearable to continue with everyday activities.  It’s crucial to see a dentist when experiencing even a mild toothache, as it can quickly become an urgent concern.

What Caused the Toothache?

There are many reasons why you can have tooth pain. The most common causes are:

Tooth Decay

When most of us hear toothache, we think of cavities. Tooth decay can definitely cause pain.

The deeper the decay, the more severe the symptoms. If the decay reaches the center of the tooth, the pain will likely be quite severe.

 Tooth Abscess

An abscess is an infection in or around your tooth.  An infected tooth will have a pocket of pus form around its root.  Most of the time, this will result in a more widespread pulsating pain that may make it difficult to pinpoint the exact location the pain is coming from.  Tooth abscess pain often gets worse at night. This can also be accompanied by some swelling of the gum or a “pimple-like” lesion.  If the abscess is able to drain the level of pain may decrease, but you may notice a foul taste in the mouth and sometimes even a bad odour.

Fractured/cracked tooth

Teeth that are fractured, chipped, or cracked can also become a source of pain.  Tooth fractures can be caused by an injury such as a hit to the face or by simply biting down on something hard. Teeth that have amalgam (“silver”) restorations are also more likely to develop cracks and fractures.   It is essential to see your dentist as soon as you notice even a small fracture as it can worsen quite quickly.

Other causes can include:

  • Damaged or failing filling
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Gum disease
  • Grinding/clenching
  • Orthodontic treatment (braces)
  • Erupting or impacted wisdom teeth
  • Improper brushing technique
  • Sinus Infection/congestion

I have a toothache, what should I do?

If you are experiencing dental pain, you should see a dentist.  It is important to do so as soon as possible any issue that is neglected can have a negative impact on your health.  When you see the dentist, they will complete a physical exam and x-rays if needed. They will also need to review your medical history and ask you some details about the pain.  They will discuss their finding and provide you with the best treatment options to get you out of pain.

What treatment can I expect?

The treatment will depend on the cause of the toothache.  The ultimate goal is not only to eliminate the pain but also to eliminate the cause of the toothache. Common treatment options include:

Need a Dentist?

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call Fairway Dental Urgent Care Clinic in Kitchener.


DISCLAIMER: The advice offered is intended to be informational only and generic in nature. It is no way to provide a definitive diagnosis or specific treatment recommendations for your particular situation.  Any advice provided is no substitute for proper evaluation and care by a qualified dentist.