Dental anxiety is a common thing among many people today. Even though it has become prevalent, it’s not good! If you have dental anxiety, you will miss the benefits of having proper dental care. This will lead to a cycle of teeth pain, gum infections, health problems, worsening paranoia, and costly dental procedures.

If you want to deal with your dental anxiety, you can try these interesting ways:

Discuss Your Dental Anxiety

According to a popular theory known as the Feynman Method, you will be able to learn something fast by teaching it to others. Perhaps the same thing can be applied to your dental anxiety, except that you don’t have to teach it. You just need to discuss it with people that you trust. This person can be your parent, sibling, special someone, best friend, or even the dentist. By discussing what troubles you, the barrier of your dental anxiety will get smaller. You will be able to understand the trauma or the root of the fear.

The most convenient way that you can do is to start journaling. There should be no excuses for this habit. It’s easy to start a journal – you only need a small notebook (or neatly cut pieces of paper). Write down the things related to your dental anxiety. Don’t hold back because your journal will serve as your guide for overcoming your fear of the dentist.

Talk Openly To Your Dentist

Your dentist understands the basic things about dental fear. He or she will advise you on how to deal with the crippling fear and how to promote continuous effective oral hygiene. Visiting your dentist is always a wise move, and you should also keep all communication lines open. Honesty is even more important because your dentist will assess your medical history, along with your current dental habits. Your medical history is an essential basis for future dental procedures.

Consistent dental consultations are also beneficial if you have health problems like diabetes or even periodontitis. These factors will help your dentist in formulating dental procedure strategies. Your dentist will likely advise you to control your current health issues before proceeding with any dental surgery.

Use Imagery to Manage Dental Fear

Pain is one of the many factors why people succumb to fear – especially in the field of dentistry. You’re probably afraid of getting operated on, or the sight of dental instruments is enough to make you huddle in a corner and shiver.

Fear management begins by creating the right imagery. It’s somehow tricky, but you need to know that nothing worse can happen during a dental procedure. Your dentist is fully aware of what he or she is doing. Aside from personal journaling, you can try developing your own mantra. For more significant results, you should recite this mantra before your scheduled dental appointment.

Now, after the procedure, your dentist will recommend over-the-counter medicines. These medicines will be used to control pain and discomfort. Aside from taking the medication regularly, you must follow your dentist’s directions so that you can recover fast.

Try Some Relaxation Techniques

prepared, it is highly encouraged that you practice different relaxation exercises. There are many exercises and relaxation methods to choose from, such as controlled breathing, mantra creation, happy imagery creation, and total mindful meditation. By doing these relaxation exercises, your heart rate will slow down and evoke deep calmness.

Your favourite music can also help, as well as reading materials. You must also avoid being agitated before visiting the dental clinic. Do your best to keep away from negative topics. Some materials that can help you relax are squeeze balls, fidget toys, plushies, and even easy-to-carry puzzle pieces. *

Do Your Homework – Understand Dentistry

Aside from understanding your dental fear, it’s wise to become aware of the importance of dentistry. You don’t need to learn every term – just the basics will do. One advantage of understanding dentistry is expectation management. You will know the best procedures that will match your expectations and needs. Eventually, you will realize that the procedures shouldn’t be the cause of your fear.

Take note that most dentists have spent a considerable amount of time in mastering dental procedures. You just need to trust the best dental clinic – like Fairway Dental Urgent Care Clinic, for example!


Managing dental anxiety can be difficult sometimes. You just need to be patient and take it slow. Understand the process and don’t let panic get the better of you.

Are you now ready to understand and stop your dental anxiety? Fairway Dental Urgent Care Clinic is ready to help you. Call us today for a dental consultation or appointment!